Too often, once a contract is signed, its terms are forgotten until a dispute arises, or the time comes for renewal or termination. Understanding the information locked in legal documents is key to making well-informed business decisions. Scissero is a data extraction platform developed by lawyers and data scientists that allows companies to quickly turn the contents of legal agreements into actionable business insights.

Our solution

  • Data extraction engine with approximately 1,000 pre-trained data points
  • Multi-prong extraction strategy using natural language processing, deep-learning neural networks and other types of machine learning
  • Unique NDA solution, including scoring, issues spotting, defined terms checking, machine-assisted markups and analytics
  • Integrated OCR tool for conversion of PDF documents (including scans) into DOCX format
  • Online word processing and document negotiation platform with support for collaborative document editing
  • Built-in contract authoring system for automatic drafting of documents based on the extracted data
  • Workflow platform to route deals to internal and external stakeholders
  • Multi-language architecture with out-of-the-box support for English, French and German (other languages can be added)
  • One-click generation of reports in the form of bar charts, pie charts and tables
Contract negotiation

Negotiate first deal drafts via our web-based word processor, AI-based markup tool and Workflow platform.

Analytics and tracking

Extract data from contracts ready for download and visualize key metrics in a variety of formats.

Legal due diligence

Manage legal due diligence processes for M&A buy- and sell-side for capital markets.


Receive alerts for key lifecycle events, such as contract renewal deadlines and rate hike decisions.​

1,000 pre-trained data points

Multi-prong data extraction strategy

Unique NDA markup tool


Multiple extraction options
  • Choose the optimal data extraction strategy for a given challenge
  • Use a combination of strategies to tackle a problem from different sides
Pre-trained models
  • Let us train the system so you can hit the ground running
  • Use transfer learning to avoid reinventing the wheel
Unique domain know-how
  • Get the benefit of working with professionals who know your industry
  • Partner with a team of experienced lawyers and data scientists
Cutting-edge technology
  • Have the assurance of always working with the latest technology
  • Explore new ways of tackling old problems
Our industry-leading legal AI platform includes the following:
Technology platform
Actionable business insights
NDA toolkit
Contract authoring
Contract analytics
Contract lifecycle management
Technology platform

Technology platform

  • Two London-based data centers operated in an active/active configuration
  • ISO 90001, 14001 and 27001 certified
  • Cyber Essentials Plus certification
  • GDPR compliance
  • Machine learning and natural language processing
  • Resilience/automatic failover
  • Multiple integration options
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Host-based endpoint thread detection
  • Rate limiting
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Federated identity (SAML SSO), IDP initiated flow
  • Audit logging
Actionable business insights

Actionable business insights

  • Data extraction engine with approximately 1,000 pre-trained data points
  • State-of-the-art machine learning models
  • Training sets prepared by a team of inhouse lawyers
  • Custom notifications for key lifecycle events, such as renewal dates and rate hike triggers
  • Automatically created counterparty profiles
  • One-click generation of presentations and spreadsheets summarizing key legal and commercial terms
  • API functionality
NDA toolkit

NDA toolkit

  • Generation for standard form NDAs
  • Automatic scoring of NDAs received from counterparties
  • Standardized scoring methodology
  • Market checker based on several thousand high-quality NDA markups
  • Custom playbooks
  • NDA markups with redline functionality
  • Optional inclusion of explanatory comments
Contract authoring

Contract authoring

  • JavaScript-based low-code platform for maximum flexibility
  • Web-based development environment
  • Full code transparency – you own the templates
  • No vendor dependency
  • Reusable business logic
  • Live preview functionality for easy debugging
  • Comprehensive online tutorials
  • Optional templating service
Contract analytics

Contract analytics

  • Single-contract or deal room review
  • Data extraction engine with approximately 1,000 pre-trained data points
  • State-of-the-art machine learning models
  • Training sets prepared by a team of inhouse lawyers
  • Pre-made report templates for different applications
  • Executive summary and detailed findings
  • Fully interactive table with the ability to click through the actual contracts for context
Contract lifecycle management

Contract lifecycle management

  • All of the functionalities discussed under the other tabs
  • File storage in secure cloud
  • Optional integration with
  • Integrated word processing, spreadsheet and presentation apps with native DOCX, XLSX, PPTX and PDF support
  • Collaborative editing and in-app chat
  • Integrated OCR functionality
  • Full-text and metadata-based searches
  • Natural language chatbot

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